Monday, June 02, 2003

Back together again, the poets from Bustin' Out will be performing at Lingo! the new spoken word weekly showcase in Minneapolis. Info to your left. For more information contact

Sunday, October 13, 2002

So this morning the Bustin' Out Tour lost it's first member. We counted the votes and put Desdamona on a plane home. we didn't count any votes (the ones that came in from mothers voting their children off the tour didn't count). Desdamona just had to make it to work tomorrow. Funfun.

So Dessa, Thadra and Cynthia are in Yorba Linda getting ready to be treated by Cynthia's sister Catherine to chinese food. Here are some quick snapshots from the past few days:

Home cooked roast and stewed potatoes a la Cynthia's mom up in Sacramento - mmm mmm good.
The great audience (and amazing poets) in Sacramento at the Jamacain House at Mahogany - these cats are smooth!
Performing on the beach - performances including those made to two guys in a trailor, the little man in the parking toll booth and the masses on the promenade
Dessa spilling coffee on her shirt at the show in Tuhunga and giving away a chapbook to the young lady that quessed her teenage nickname (can you guess?).
The new hit song, "Nobody Wants to Touch My Hair." Wait until out new CD hits. With this song and "Everything I touch turns to shit" it's going to be a sure hit!
Having Rafael, Whitney and Bear show up at shows in other cities. It is great to have people come to see us more than once! Thanks Bear for the great endorsement of the CD!!!
Besskep and all the others at One mic and Dim Lights. That was a fun show - great words, and those two guitarists were wonderful!

For those of you who can make it to Ventura tonight...there's a party after the show. Call Cynthia for details....651 442 5986.

By popular demand, we'll be adding merchandise on the website and individual contact info for those who didn't have any cash, but told us you wanted our CDs. Look for this, pictures from the tour and more in the next two weeks.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Hi everyone! We're checking in from Cynthia's sister's house in Yorba Linda, CA. We are performing in Pasadena tomorrow and then heading north, not sure when we'll have access to the internet again. So here's the scoop.

Tonight we hit Venice Beach - found a bench and tried making some cash face painting...after we got dolled up and had some eats, we went back to the bench and did some street poetry. We were joined by a couple of drummers, and had a pretty good crowd going. We'll probably hit the beach again this if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by!

For those of you who want to catch us back at home...we're currently planning some fundraisers (food here is more expensive than we'd thought), and we'll be selling our Bustin Out CD at the Kieran's Open Mics and The Poet Tree Show at the Blue Nile every Tuesday night until they are gone. Only $10 - for 12 tracks. CAn't beat that!

We're headed over to Hollywood to crash at Dofflyn's place (where there are no cats so Dessa can breathe), and will be hanging out around the Bourgeois Pig (our new favorite coffee shop). Check out one of our shows! Send us email - we're lonely.

Much Love

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Ok...we're getting ready to leave Los Angeles for the fourth time. So far, everything is going great! We are headed up to Oakland today and then back to LA en route to Vegas - that's right...I said Vegas. We lost one of our dearest - Desdamona. But she'll be returning tomorrow - if you're in Menomonie should go see her at UW Stout.


A note from Dessa: Leaving L.A. (and mourning the departure from the brilliant orange of smog sunsets)en route to Oakland, the Bustin' Out tour now enjoys the priviledge of exploring the validity of the timeless sage Sir Mixalot. Specifically, how exactly is his verse concerning the "L.A. face with the Oakland booty" empirically supported? We will report promptly as the evidence is gathered and processed. Stand by.

Cynthia says: One word. Cortronics. Remember it.

Thadra here. We went to THE COOLEST show last night in Crenshaw. They had this whole workshop where people read their stuff and got feedback from the audience. Then we featured, then there was an open mic. The caliber of work at this place.......DAMN!!! I wish Desdamona had been there. Meanwhile, Dessa is sleeping in the car, because she's allergic to the cat. (Vote her off. She needs to breathe!) And Cynthia and I are sneaking smokes wherever we can, because you can't smoke in CA. But Vegas.....That's another story. Hee Hee!!

Cynthia back here, with Thadra screaming operatic in the background about the poo poo in the po po (don't ask). WE should mention that Claire de Lune's in San Diego was a great show too, and an amazing coffee shop - just beautiful. Bright yellow walls, balcony, plush chairs and the best almond joy cheesecake ever. People that saw us on Sunday came back to see us on Tuesday, and people that saw us in Hollywood on Monday called friends in San Diego and said, "You gotta check these women out," and the response was, "I know...I saw them yesterday and I'm going back tomorrow!" Thanks Deborah for all the support at Claire's. Thanks Marc, Delouis, Chris and Edwardo for the great show. Thanks Michael from the World Stage! And thanks to our sponsor back home - Meghan! Your donation made it possible for us to cross the Bay Bridge ten times ( we only crossed it once - but we could have crossed it ten times). You rock.

Everyone remember to go to the Slam next Tuesday in Minneapolis. Meghan is hosting and you can thank her for supporting Bustin Out by showing up on time! Andrew Proczyk (thanks for defending our honor Andrew) is featuring and it is sure to be an exciting night with many chairs moved around the pub and talk of politics and pot. No one's gunna want to miss that - unless of course you're in San Jose - then you'll want to see US at the San Jose Slam!

Cheers all!

Monday, September 30, 2002


Wow! Day three already! We're at Steve and Rion's apartment in San Diego, and we just got back from our second show at the Urban Grind. We featured at the slam and cheered Steve on as he competed for the first time in five years in San Diego. Since we last checked in, there have been many exciting moments, especially in the car. Desdamona saved our noses on our second pass through Cow-schwitz by recommending we switch the vent to recirculate, keeping the pungent smell of ten million cows pooping out of the car. Thank you Desdamona! We evaded the motorcycle cop when we were signaled to pull over, but failed to recognize that that meant on the right side of the highway, so when Thadra couldn't see the cop on the left side, she continued driving. A few moments later, we noticed the cop standing next to his bike on the side of the road. Luckily, he didn't ever catch up with us. Dessa and Cynthia are cool.


Listen up sports fans: the Bustin' Out Tour is proud to unveil a new feature of our ever-popular website. This, ladies and gentlemen, this is a REAL POETRY TOUR. From here onward, we welcome our faithful fans to contribute to our California whirlwind. Due to insufficient funds and an abundunce of attitude ONE PERFORMER WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE TOUR EVERY FOUR DAYS: YOUR VOTES COUNT!
Ballots will be tallied as internet access becomes fiscally feasable. So ensure that your favorite poet recieves more mic time, or send your least favorite to the HOLE. Email your love and votes and psychological advice to

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Hey everyone! We're in San Francisco right now. Our performance this afternoon went fabulously and we're getting ready to go see some poetry. Thadra was happily surprised to find the very store to get a brand new shiny pair of monkey pants, and, of course, she visited her Mecca, the Fleuvog store. We didn't sleep, we drove all day, and ate chips that made Cynthia sick in the car. But her new purple bear wallet makes up for any discomfort.

Desdamona says, " I'm tired. yeah, my feet hurt and I bought some cool shirts here in san fran. had some good pizza! and performed for an excellent audience at the GLBT Community Center. I feel appreciated. :)

True to form, and her inablity to avoid stationary objects, Dessa took the opportunity to walk into an especially unforgiving chain link (and rediculously SHIN HEIGHT) fence. Upon this occasion, as Thadra congratulated herself in generously letting Dessa procede first through the dimly lit parking lot, Des gleefully began to recite, "This is the instant that you can no longer deny it/ there's a chain there, you tripped it/and you did almost bite it." Before and after this incident, your favorite poetic foursome has entertained themselves (in a vehicle sorely lacking a CD player) by singing, in four part harmony a soon-to-be-released-single entitled "Everything I Touch Turns to Shit."

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning to go all the way down to San Diego for our next gig. See you soon!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

It's just about midnight on Thursday night...the girls are all packing and printing and updating the web site. I'm headed home to clean up for the kitty sitter. We land in Los Angeles tomorrow morning at 10am. No doubt this cat's sleepin' on the plane. *yawn* Now where'd I put my Dr. Pepper? See all you west coasters soon! Love, Cynthia

Thursday, September 12, 2002


Back by popular demand - CHIX SLAM!
This poetry slam is open to female poets and men dressed like female poets.
All genders, ages, and political parties welcome in the audience.

$5 for non-performers - proceeds benefit the Bustin' Out Tour

We hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Thadra Sheridan, Cynthia French, Dessa Darling and Desdamona are bustin' out of the mid-west. Catch these four poets as they tour California, from San Diego to Sacramento.

Monday, September 02, 2002

Four poets from Minnesota hit California this fall with verbal antics that will blow your mind. Check back for our updated schedule, media kits and other cool information.